The DNA and YOU.

My blood originates here in Eastern, Africa 30,000 to 50,000. years ago according to my DNA. I’ve always been called an ‘old soul’, by those who know me well and now I see why, I Am. Now I understand the early dreams of souks and the brightest sun possible sparkling across the deep blue Nile.
Being born in America and then wearing a colonized tag as an ‘Black American’ a your not related the Nation of your forefathers, that blood which you spring from. This is being in a mental state of an orphan. When you relocate to other lands, claiming your Nation and ethnic heritage, it then becomes monumental in your legal status and in proper persona. It’s by International Admiral Law that Any host country must extend to you all the benefits granted its citizens, if you’ve moved from your domicile to another country. Not being able to state who you are or your origins leaves you in a less than favorable position of accepting then whatever your offered.

You know nothing of your culture history and customs, which are like tiny golden threads of your DNA strung together which make up who you are and the possible pathways and memories of your soul. All along my pathway there were many East African Nationals who would enquire as to my country according to my appearance: “Are you Nubian, Egyptian, Somalian or Ethiopian?” That DNA is like your spiritual and physical blue print.
The innocent orphan answer, ‘ No, I was born in America’.

 Then I got my DNA report back…the Physical me birth domicile is Nothern America but my soul and blood originate in Eastern Africa 30,000 to 50,000 years ago.


It’s,something that many don’t think it’s a big deal to know where you spring from, however I was overwhelmed when I read the facts of the report. People who don’t care defend their view point with pointing out its not important nor relevant too what your doing now to know the past.


Now I overstand my father Harold B. Jackson , asking me if I’d heard of the Moorish Science Temple of America, and that I may want to consider studying with them. Of course hind sight is 20/20 and I wish now I had listened to him them and done this, I would have saved myself a big headache and legal battle to care for my father in his last days.


My only confirmed link to Africa was a great uncle who, stated on an American Census report the family was Ethiopean. Now my extra time is spent looking for that report and learning more about my dynamic family and ancestors.
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The unique L1b1a7 haplogroup.

Looking for the historical origins of my DNA and the Haplogroup of my L1b1a7 has been a challenge.

23&ME says that the haplogroup L1b1a7 is unique to only Eastern Africa. The scientific study of DNA is truly amazing. Eye am trying to tie down which of

Who we are

Who we are

the three Nations of Nubia to be my historical origins: Egypt, Sudan or Ethiopian ? I believe it’s Ethiopian!

What do you think about the term Sub-Saharah? Eye think it’s a sell out tern coined by Euros who study our history!  AmunRa

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Egypt or Kemet??

I dedicate my Trip to Egypt to my beautiful mother, Florence Mary Miller. Ever since I can remember, Mom had talked about ancient Egypt and her desire to see the ancient ruins and open her mind and heart to the truth about the history of Kemet, ‘ The Land of the Blacks’, the real name of Egypt before the Arab conquest of 640 AD. My mother lived 93 years without ever obtaining her wish to see her homeland,  inside myself I made a promise to make that trip for both of us..  I can’t even put into words what it felt like the first time I looked out of the airplane window and saw the African continent and the clouds that were floating above it. What a awsome feeling which brought tears to my eyes. I felt deep inside at that moment, I would learn a lot of truths here that I had never been told.

Consider these two quotes;

1. ‘There is nothing new in the world except a history you did not know.  Harry Truman

2. Philosophers have long conceded that every man has two educations: “that which is given to him, and the other that which he gives himself. Of the two kinds the latter is by far the more desirable. Indeed all that is most worthy in man he must work out and conquer for himself. It is that which constitutes our real and best nourishment. What we are merely taught seldom nourishes the mind like that which we teach ourselves.”   Dr. Carter G. Woodson

I now refer my reader’s to, Drs. Cheikh Anta Diopand Theophile Obenga, at the Cairo Symposium in 1974. Its findings were chronicled by UNESCOin a 1978 publication entitled, Ancient Civilizations of Africa, Vol. II.

Next stop will be the beautiful Upper Nile Valley of Aswan and Luxor Valley of the Kings……which is native to what we would consider southern Egypt.

My intention is to bring fourth history in its purest sense and also to share the beautiful clothes and craftwares of Egypt and the rest of Africa. Also. I would like to be assistance to anyone who would like to make a move or extended visit to Africa for the sake of Allah and their deen ( faith).

Peace and One Love….and please enjoy the clothes and photos.


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